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Meet the team that simplifies insurance and puts you in ctrl

By Ctrl 14 July 2021 9min read

Meet the team in the Ctrl Tower… albeit a virtual tower! We’ve been working from home full-time since March 2020 and it hasn’t slowed us down one bit!  It’s full steam ahead as we transform the insurance industry to make insurance easy, accessible and transparent.

Who we are

Ctrl is South Africa’s first independent insurance advice app, with a team of passionate individuals, all experts in their fields, making it happen. 

What we do

We simplify tedious insurance processes, taking away uncertainty and saving you time and money so you can get busy living. 

How we do that

  • We give you up to 8 real quotes from different insurers after you complete only one set of underwriting questions at your convenience. 
  • We then recommend the best quote for your unique needs. 
  • You can also chat to an authorised human advisor in the app if you prefer. 
  • Once you accept a quote, you are immediately covered and we become your advisor available to help with claims, roadside and home assistance, or any other insurance need. 

Why we do it

We make it easy to protect the things you care about. We empower you through technology by giving you more ctrl over your car and household insurance. Because we believe you should rather spend your precious time doing what you love with the ones you love than worry about insurance. That’s why we enable you to do just that.

Who we serve

Anyone who uses tech to make their lives easier. If you need insurance, but you’re tired of call centres or making face to face appointments with brokers, this one’s for you! 

Ctrl was founded in 2017 by good friends Pieter Venter, Pieter Erasmus and Francois Venter. They put together a winning team to simplify insurance and make the advice model accessible to all. 

Meet the team: 

Morné Botha

Serious mountain biker with a dry sense of humour and always game for crazy adventures. Morné is the development team lead. He manages the front-end, as well as back-end teams. “I like being part of something bigger, having the freedom to try new things and tap into the unique skills of each team member. We are creating software as a service solutions for the insurance industry that will benefit all involved; insurers, advisors as well as consumers and that’s quite something.” 

Josh Strydom

Jimny fan, former pastry chef and all-round nice guy. Josh is out and about as often as possible, exploring the roads less travelled with friends or fellow Jimny fans. He is a front-end developer who works his magic on our app and web-based broker portal. “I love the fact that I’m working on something new, something that’s never been done in this country before. I believe our broker portal will be a game-changer in the industry, making things much easier for brokers. I like the idea of tech being put to good use.” 

Jacky Grobler 

Mama of a brand new baby boy and dog lover. Jacky is creative, friendly and fun to be around. She’s the go-to person for client after-sales services, always ready to help with policy issues, claims or anything insurance-related. “I make it my mission to help people as best I can and I rely on my years of experience in the industry to give the best service possible.”

Victor Grobler

Scuba diver, World War 1 history nerd, and trivia quiz aficionado. Victor is a back-end developer who helps to make our system even more awesome. “I love making things easier and faster for people. Insurance is a perfect example of something that should be fast, easy, and affordable. It is a fantastic feeling to be part of an amazing team that is working to make exactly that happen.” 

Tinette van Staden

A goldsmith who loves photography and making things pretty. Weekends are spent outdoors with family; either camping or going to the beach. She’s passionate about solving problems for clients and coming up with solutions and answers. “With more than 13 years of experience in the insurance industry, it comes naturally to me. I know the ins and outs of the industry and where most people need assistance and I’m keen to share my knowledge.” 

Jano Basson 

Creative to the core with an eye for all that’s beautiful and inspirational. Were it not for current restrictions, this guy would be travelling the world. He designs our look and feel and is responsible for UX/UI. “I believe the user should have a clear understanding of what is expected of them when using our app. It’s not just about making everything look good, it should make sense and the overall experience should be satisfying. I try to put myself in a user’s shoes and get into their mindset when I work on the designs.” 

JP Samuels 

Dad of two, beer brewer, Halloween mask maker and fitness instructor. Oh, and he’s a biker! Is there anything this guy can’t do? JP’s a stalwart backend developer and with his can-do attitude, he is always ready for a new challenge. “I enjoy a challenge and I don’t give up easily. So if something needs solving, I’m your guy.”

Yolandé Erasmus 

Passionate about empowering young people and on a mission to make a difference through a non-profit organisation that she manages. Yolandé makes sure our finances are 100% and everyone gets paid on time. “As a chartered accountant at one of the big auditing firms, I was exposed to many corporates locally and abroad and I also lectured at a large university. I never thought I’d be part of a start-up, but it’s turned out to be the most satisfying and exciting experience of my professional life.”

Ismail Canfield

Fitness enthusiast, dad, outdoors kinda Capetonian who loves to help people wherever he can. Ismail engages with potential clients with his cool, calm and collected demeanour. The many compliments and messages of appreciation from clients attest to the fact that he goes out of his way to make the process of getting short-term insurance easy and pain-free. “I enjoy my interaction with clients. Each person is different and has different needs when it comes to their insurance. I like the challenge of helping them find the right fit at the right price.” 

Ruan du Preez

Our man up north. He knows a thing or two about gaming… and coding. Ruan currently does front-end development magic, but he’s a full stack developer with a wide range of skills. “One of the good things that came out of the lockdown is the fact that companies became less hesitant to appoint people in different cities or even provinces, seeing that so many people are working remotely now. I’m very excited about the possibilities of what can be done to improve the insurance space.”

Retha Venter 

A linguaphile (aka lover of languages), who took up chess and multi-day hiking at the tender age of 40, Retha is responsible for content creation and anything to do with words. “Our aim at Ctrl is to simplify insurance and to do that we need to use clear, understandable language. We need to steer away from highly technical jargon that only experts can understand. So not being an expert in insurance or tech actually turned out to be a good thing because it forced me to drill down to the core meaning of words and what we actually want to get across to our users in everyday language.”

Pieter Erasmus

A keen cyclist, people person and the most positive guy you’ll ever meet. At Ctrl, Pieter is responsible for marketing, new business development and liaising with current as well as potential partners. He is key individual in our brokerage and has many years of experience in the insurance industry. “Having experience in the broker distribution space gives me unique insights into the challenges they face. I believe Ctrl Technologies (our Software as a Service) can help them to create scale and become more efficient. Making use of technology is non-negotiable if you want to optimise your business going forward.”

Francois Venter

Family man and self-confessed introvert who’s always ready for a braai with friends and secretly enjoys having people around. Francois heads up product development and brings his actuarial sense of perfection to the product party. “As an actuary, I spent years in the insurance industry working on risk models and by the time we were ready to write our recommendation algorithm, I knew what could be done better and where the pitfalls were. It’s a great feeling to be able to improve on outdated ways of thinking and doing by using technology.” 

Pieter Venter

Pieter has mastered the art of baking sourdough bread and has a keen interest in developments in the new space race, technology and what the future holds. At Ctrl, he is steering the ship and looking to the future of the company. Man on a mission to make insurance advice simple and accessible to all. “Insurers (globally and in this country) have been rather slow to look at digital distribution, but this is changing fast. The big question is, where does this leave intermediaries and the advice they offer to consumers? Ctrl is the solution, perfectly placed for the changing insurance landscape.”

If you want to start doing insurance the smart way, head over to your app store of choice and get the app that’s changing the way we insure our stuff forever.