Hi, we are Ctrl.

We make car and household insurance easy, accessible and transparent. We help you get the right cover from the right insurer and we stay with you every step of your insurance journey.
Ctrl was founded in 2017 by Pieter Erasmus, Pieter Venter and Francois Venter.
Ctrl was founded in 2017 by Pieter Erasmus, Pieter Venter and Francois Venter.

Three friends, with long careers in the financial services and insurance industries, saw a way to improve the outdated insurance landscape by creating a smart software solution.

The awesome team at Ctrl is made up of specialists in the fields of technology, insurance advice as well as general team members.

We believe it’s the people and their passion for what they do,
that makes a company successful in the end.

Meet the human side of your intelligent insurance assistant

Our insurance advisors are qualified representatives, Fit & Proper, registered and authorised as determined by the FSCA. They are standing by to answer all your car and household insurance questions with a smile!

Ismail Canfield
At your service

Our Key Individual, Ismail Canfield, is cool, calm and collected. He loves people and he loves helping out. He is authorised to provide advice and intermediary services in short-term insurance: personal lines. He has 12 years' experience in the industry and he’s available to assist with queries.

Tinette van Staden
At your service

Tinette is passionate about solving problems for clients and coming up with just the right answers. “With more than 13 years of experience in the insurance industry, I know the ins and outs of the industry and where most people need assistance. 

Giving others Ctrl.

We realised early on in our development phase that the app would be ideal for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, as well as people in remote areas who didn’t have regular access to a traditional broker.

We collaborated with relevant parties to make sure we created a solution that would enable anyone to do their own insurance without having to talk over the phone.

Great app for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients!

ZM Zamile Mafuna
Ctrl client, 4 June 2020

We are part of a bigger family

Ctrl Financial Intermediaries (CFI) was launched in 2019 as South Africa’s first digital short-term insurance advisor. The app was developed by CFI’s sister company, Ctrl Technologies, a software company that specialises in creating solutions for the insurance industry. Both form part of Ctrl Investment Holdings.

You can get in touch with us at contact@takectrl.co.za