Ever heard of the Flat Earthers? I just watched a Netflix documentary on them, they’re the crazies that believe the earth is flat. No, no, they really believe it! Regardless of the facts and information, they refuse to see what the rest of us know to be true. Crazy right? About as crazy as a 34-year-old business owner without insurance? Well, that’s me, and I’ll admit I only just woke up to the importance of insurance. It took working with a bunch of smart insurance people to get me here.

Human behaviour is a weird thing. I wonder how many of you reading this went to sleep last night with a plan to get up early and do some exercise, or maybe you have a new diet plan you keep pushing out. No matter the overwhelming evidence for healthier living it’s always easier to stay under the covers or order in a pizza. We’re so good at convincing ourselves to hold onto old routines, habits, or beliefs.

So why did I avoid insurance for so many years? Like exercise and healthy eating I knew it was something I shouldn’t ignore, but I did. The truth is, I don’t have an excuse. I’m human, and it just seemed easier to avoid hours on the line with a call centre, or filling out endless forms, or getting my admin together. But all the trouble I saved myself in the short term I paid for in the long. There’s nothing like walking around a new city with an uninsured camera to get you in the holiday mood, or hiding (and losing) your valuables around your own house.

So what changed?

I’d like to think I did, that I finally grew up a bit, stopped procrastinating, and did something my mom would be proud of. But I didn’t, I just found an app that took away all my previous reasons to avoid insuring my stuff. No longer armed with excuses I took another step in the direction of responsible adulthood.

Thanks to tech, and the team of experts behind it, I found a solution that enabled me to change my behaviour without really changing it. I took ctrl of my insurance because it has never been easier to do so. Now all I need is an app that will do my sit-ups for me.

Download the app if you’ve been putting off some insurance stuff or are looking for an easier way to do yours. #nomoreexcuses

Written by Dan Nash, a creative strategist who works with Ctrl on various projects.