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4 Ways to save money on your short-term insurance

By Ctrl 3 January 2021 4min read
No need to Janu-worry. There are at least 4 ways in which you can save money by simply re-thinking the way you insure your stuff in 2021.

 #1 Changing consumer needs, changing insurance products

One good thing that came out of this crazy year was that insurers started tailoring products to the changing needs of consumers. Chilli from King Price and Smart Park from Santam are examples of new offerings that are more usage-based; where you only pay for the distances you drive. This is great news for consumers and worth investigating. 

#2 Clear out the cupboards – pay only for the stuff you want to insure

January is also a good time to re-assess your short-term insurance needs and to make sure new items are insured. And anything that doesn’t need insurance anymore are removed. Many people don’t realise they’re paying for stuff they’ve gumtreed ages ago because they’re not exactly sure what’s covered and how much they’re paying. 

Ctrl solves both these problems. The home screen gives a transparent summary of everything that’s insured and exactly how much you pay for each item. It also gives users the option to add or delete stuff as needed without having to send a mail or call anyone. 

#3 Time is money – get multiple real quotes within minutes

Who’s got the time or inclination to call around for quotes or get rates from aggregators and then try to compare them to each other? Ctrl gets you up to 8 quotes from different insurers within minutes after you complete only ONE set of underwriting questions. You get real quotes that can be accepted in the app. Not merely indicative rates that need to be followed up with phone calls afterwards.

#4 Price, price, price – get a grip on what’s what

When asked, 85% of our clients agreed that price plays the biggest role when deciding which insurance policy to choose. As long as you have a good understanding of these four concepts, it is possible to reduce the premium without compromising on the cover. 

Premium – first up

Your premium is the monthly instalment you pay and it’s important when considering affordability. The amount is determined by various factors, including the amount of excess you can pay yourself in case of an accident, damage or loss. 

Excess – more or less

The excess is the agreed amount you pay if there’s an incident. If you choose a low excess, your premium will be higher and if you choose a higher excess, you’ll pay a lower premium each month. If you decide on the second option you need to set aside enough money to replace or repair the asset. 

Essential cover – can’t do without

This is your basic (essential) insurance and the bare minimum you would need to be legally covered and to have your item repaired or replaced. You should not compromise on this. 

Convenience cover – nice to have

If you have to cut back, it could rather be here, on the nice to haves like a complimentary car while yours is in for repairs, or accommodation if your car breaks down while you’re out of town.  


The Ctrl app allows you to specify which of the above factors are more important to you and the best cover is recommended accordingly. It’s good to think about what you can afford, as well as what you’re willing to go without, before simply going for the cheapest option.

These are four great ways to start your year right by sorting out your short-term insurance. Get the app that puts you in Ctrl and saves you money. Try the smart new way to insure your stuff.