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Is it 2020 already?!

By Ctrl 6 February 2020 2min read
So we haven’t landed on Mars yet, we can’t teleport and we don’t live to 150. But we do have self-driving cars (well, almost), 24/7 surveillance (whether we like it or not) and health monitors built into our watches. Some crazy predictions did indeed come true. 

And luckily for us, the future of insurance is here in the form of an app that’s going to make life so much easier. That’s reason enough to feel good about 2020!

There are at least four ways in which the Ctrl app will help you UP YOUR GAME this year:

  1. With a single request you get up to 7 QUOTES back from SA’s top insurers to compare side by side.
  2. Insure ALL YOUR ASSETS in a single app. From vehicle and buildings to household contents and everything in between (even your motorcycle or caravan!). All displayed in a super convenient wallet.
  3. Don’t be left in the dark. Get ADVICE ON DEMAND through a chat function that’s always on. Get answers about your policy from a qualified advisor, claim and get emergency home & roadside assistance.
  4. SEE EXACTLY what you’re covered for and what not. And if you’re not happy, you can change it to suit your needs. No more of that niggling uncertainty. It’s time for transparency.
With South Africa’s first independent digital insurance app you can go through the process of getting quotes to insuring your stuff from start to finish whenever, wherever it suits you.
The future is here and and it’s available in the app stores if you’re keen for more convenient cover.