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5 Tips for Insurance Peace of Mind this Holiday

By Ctrl 29 November 2021 4min read

With the festive season beckoning, many South Africans are already imagining themselves taking a well-deserved vacation. With all the excitement of packing and planning, and buying gifts going on, we thought we’d share a few tips on how to have insurance peace of mind about the stuff you take with you, as well as the stuff you leave behind this holiday.

Freewheeling this summer

First things first. Your wheels. Make sure your trusty family vehicle is properly insured for any eventuality. Unfortunately, incidents happen anywhere, anytime, and being covered is just one thing less you have to worry about. It might be worth adding the option of having a rental car available to you in case your car breaks down. Then at least you don’t have to cancel your holiday plans and wait for the panel beaters to open up in January. 

 These are the usual things, but it’s good to recap: 

  • Be a defensive driver
  • Take a break every 200km
  • Wear seatbelts
  • Ensure there’s no obstruction under the pedals
  • Make sure nothing blocks the rearview mirror
  • Have your tires checked before you hit the road
Home sweet home

The best is to get someone to house sit, but if that’s not an option, make sure your alarms are set and working and perhaps get someone you trust to pop in from time to time to make sure everything is fine. From a security point of view, it’s good to have some degree of movement in and out of the house. Don’t draw the curtains and leave the lights on, that only attracts attention. Ask a neighbour to remove your post to make it less obvious that no one’s home. 

The stuff you leave behind

You will leave valuable things at home this holiday, so make sure you have sufficient cover for the unfortunate event that something might be stolen or even damaged while you’re away. This includes TV’s and all other electrical equipment you have in your home.

Unplug appliances to protect them from a power surge and switch geysers off (you never know when the next load-shedding will kick in). Just don’t unplug your freezer! In fact, make sure you buy enough electricity to last for the time you’re away. You don’t want to get a nasty (smelly) surprise when you get back! Ctrl clients can check all this in the app by going to your My cover screen and clicking on the Under my roof tab to see exactly what’s covered and what’s not.

Stuff you take with

And there’s that. Your favourite stuff. The laptop, phone, camera, sunnies, speakers, jewellery, all the things you can’t be without. But also the stuff that’s easy prey for prying eyes and sneaky fingers. So best you make sure those are covered as well. If the items are expensive, you need to specify them. It’s always better to speak to an experienced advisor if you’re unsure about this. There’s nothing worse than finding out something wasn’t covered, even if you had All risk insurance! And of course, you need to keep it safe and out of sight when you’re out and about. Just be clever about it, that’s all. 

Keep it under wraps

Oh, and one last thing, don’t tell every man and his dog all about your trip and don’t post your travel plans and destinations on social media, however tempting it may be. Rather wait until you’re back before you make everyone green with envy! 

The Ctrl app gives users a convenient breakdown of what’s covered and what’s not. If you’re unsure, you can also chat with our expert advisors to find out. Making sure your stuff is properly covered will give you peace of mind, and that way you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday so much more.