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Find Your Match

By Ctrl 13 February 2022 3min read

It’s the month of love. Did you spoil yourself with a new car, have you and your significant other moved into a new house together or did you get that shiny piece of jewellery that you’ve been hoping to get from that special someone? Then this feels like a good time to find insurance that really matches your needs.

Cover for all

Of course, all of the above items need to be insured, but very often it’s a mission to find just the right cover. You can phone around to call centres, try aggregators, but then someone still has to phone you with a gazillion questions and you just want to enjoy your new stuff without all the hassle. 

That’s where we come in, to offer you a choice from the country’s leading insurers, all in one place. Easy and convenient, so you can find your perfect match. 

The perfect policy

We believe that everyone has their unique requirements, especially when it comes to car and home insurance. We all own different things and place different values on them. That’s why Ctrl goes beyond offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

Trusted partners

Our panel of handpicked providers are trusted brands with unique products and services. Santam, Absa, King Price, Bryte, Old Mutual, Brolink, and MiWay all offer consumers the best solutions out there. Whether it’s usage-based products, money-saving options or convenience add-ons; there’s something for everyone. 

How it works

Once you have the app, you simply load your assets and let us know what’s important to you, what you’d like from an insurance provider, what you can afford etc. Everything plays a role when we make a recommendation to try and help you find your happy-ever-after insurer.

Each insurance provider uses a different model to calculate risk with products tailored according to different life stages and risk categories. This is a good thing because it simply means that you’ll have a better chance of finding the perfect match at the best price to suit your unique insurance needs. 

The Ctrl algorithm takes into account all of these factors when recommending the best quote for you. You get to conveniently compare each one of them side by side, but in the end, you still decide which one you’ll pick (almost like Tinder!). After that, you’re covered immediately.  

So, why don’t you try us and find your perfect insurance match today?