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Install a New You in 2022

By Ctrl 18 January 2022 3min read

The saying, “There’s an app for that!”, is truer today than when it was coined in 2009. And boy, aren’t we glad. With a long list of new year’s resolutions to keep, we’ll take all the help we can get. From apps that inspire mindfulness to ones that teach us how to be money-wise, here’s a list of our favourite digital helpers.

Got Goals? Get Going

You’ve set your intentions, made your lists, and put together a vision board. What now? It’s time to get going.

Track your progress and motivate yourself with a goal tracker like Infinity or something a little more robust like Remente. The app encourages users to create an overarching goal that they can break down into smaller, more achievable goals.

Moving Up

After nearly two years of lockdown, WFH, and “limited capacity” at the gym, most of us are longing to be a little more active… and proactive. The good news is that we don’t have to go far to do so. There are a bunch of fitness apps that inspire you to move more, wherever you are.

One such app – and a favourite around the world – is FitOn. It combines popular workout methods like HIIT, yoga, cardio classes, and more. It also features a star-studded staff of trainers like award-winner Cassey Ho, and Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union.

Think Well, Live Better

If you struggled with your mental health in 2021, you were not alone. The pandemic took a toll on everyone, and many people experienced increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. The new year is a great opportunity to take better care of ourselves and there are plenty of apps to help us do so.    

Like MoodKit, an app that was developed by two clinical psychologists, offering over 200 activities designed to boost your mood and help change negative thinking. Or HeadSpace, a meditation app that offers a wide range of meditations with the intention to help you live more mindfully.

Make Your Money Work Harder

Being money-wise is easier than ever. Not only are there countless budgeting apps out there, but also plenty of innovative new ways to relook your monthly expenses, like insurance, and opt for more affordable providers.

Ctrl can help you do just that! Our app simplifies short-term insurance by comparing quotes from different, trusted SA insurers – all in one place. No calls, no paperwork. Just good advice and great savings. Win-win.

A new year is a new chance to take control of our futures. Let’s! Choose an app, get downloading and make the most of the new you in 2022.