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Take Ctrl in 2021

By Ctrl 15 March 2021 3min read

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught me it’s how true the saying about best-laid plans going awry is. It’s been tough to plan or predict anything, from a simple dinner out on the town to our December holiday (but let’s not talk about that!). 

Negativity isn’t my thing, so with so much out of our control I thought it best to focus on the stuff we can control. The kind of stuff that’ll help us have a better year than the last, despite whatever else is going.


Thanks to everyone being cooped up inside health and fitness app downloads grew by 46% worldwide in the first half of 2020. People found all sorts of ways to stay healthy and keep fit.  According to this list of the top ten health and fitness apps, people have been as interested in training the mind as they are their bodies. 

One of my favourites, Headspace, features in the top 10, the perfect app for anyone wanting to explore mindful meditation. The other that didn’t make the list but has been one of my favourites is Downdog, they’ve also been running crazy specials to help everyone get their Namaste on.


Who didn’t bake banana bread during the lockdown? One thing’s for sure, lockdown got everyone into cooking. From pantry hacks to meals worthy of Masterchef we took our inspiration from all over. If you’re under the pump and running short on food inspiration here are my favourite recipe apps; BBC Good Food, and Tasty. Both appear on this list of best recipe apps for iOS and Android.


Whether you’ve got some extra time on your hands, or you want to give the kids a break from gaming,  the opportunity to learn new things is endless. From a new language to home gardening to coding or cooking, you’ll find an app for it. I’ve been dabbling in a bit of Portuguese through Duolingo, an app that turns learning a language into a game. Expand your mind with some brain workouts, here are the most downloaded educational apps of 2020.


Last year left many of us with new questions about our insurance. Should I pause my cover if I’m not driving, am I still covered if I do drive? Do I need cover for something if I’m not using it? And how easy is it to remove the stuff  I don’t need to insure anymore? 

That’s why Ctrl is my favourite app when it comes to insurance. As the name implies, it puts you in control of your insurance and makes everything about car and household cover easy to understand and as transparent as possible. 

You can get quotes from different insurers, accept in the app, add and delete items, get emergency assistance, claim or chat to a qualified advisor if you need any help. It’s really convenient and saves you time and money. Try it out and take Ctrl of your insurance in 2021.

Written by Dan Nash.