Think about the last time you did some insurance stuff, how did you do it? If you were getting insurance you probably spoke with someone, on the phone or in person. If you put in a claim you probably did it over the phone. Now imagine doing it again, but imagine you are deaf. Now what? Your options would be limited to the following:

Option 1: Meet with a broker face to face. Great idea if the broker knows sign-language. Perhaps you can take a friend or family member with to interpret, but your personal business and financial situation won’t be very private at all.

Option 2: Go directly to the insurers via call centres. Can you see the problem here? Scrap that option.

Option 3: Remain uninsured. That’s never a great idea.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for over 4 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing South Africans. The challenges faced when taking traditional routes often led to many people being uninsured because there were just no viable alternatives.

So when we set out to change the way people do insurance we saw a huge opportunity to make it better and more accessible to those who weren’t previously catered for. Seeing that we are all about alternative solutions, we realised that the Ctrl app would be ideal for the Hard of Hearing community with one or two small changes made. This is because our app already caters for anyone who’s either not keen or able to speak to someone over the phone, or face to face.

We immediately set up meetings with Bruno Druchen from DeafSA and Ilse Bloem from NID (National Institute of the Deaf) to get a better understanding of the obstacles faced by the Hard of Hearing community when trying to get insurance advice and cover. Thanks to their valuable input and constructive feedback, we could make our app more user-friendly and accessible, from start to finish.

The days of being uninsured or trying to make some other plan to get insured can now be something of the past. Thanks to our app, all South Africans can pick up a smartphone and do their insurance on their own terms. Now there’s a reason to get excited!

Download our app and experience the new way of doing insurance on your phone.