With every new year comes new resolutions. And even though most people battle to keep them past the month of January, it’s still a good exercise to go through. To take stock, sort out and throw stuff out, set goals and simplify. To look at the year ahead as an opportunity to try new things and do things differently so that we’re not just merely on repeat. Because we know just how hard it is, we took some time to think about ways in which we can help you stick to these five great resolutions.

1. Stress less
One of the major causes of anxiety is not knowing what’s going on in our finances – that vague, nagging feeling that I should have a better grip on my money matters. It could be anything from bank accounts to insurance policies and medical aid. Sometimes it almost feels as if we’re all being kept in the dark; hidden costs, unexpected fees and print so small you need a magnifying glass.

That’s why we want to bring everything related to your short-term insurance into the light. To haul out the spotlight so everyone will know exactly what’s going on. We list the items insured, explain terminology and highlight things to watch out for. This way, at least you’ll know exactly what you’re covered for and what not. Voila! One less thing to stress about.

2. Spend more time doing what you love with the ones you love
So, now you’re stressing less, which is great when you’re spending time with loved ones. All you need now is more time. Fact is, we all get exactly the same amount of time in a day. What we do with that time, however, is what makes the difference and this is where we can help.

Thanks to our app, at least you won’t have to make appointments with an advisor to go through your insurance policies. You can do everything yourself and chat to us if and when you feel like it by messaging. If you used to go the good old call centre route, we’ll free up some time for you as well, seeing that you won’t have to wait for the next available operator anymore.

3. Budget better
Now there’s an old favourite making a comeback on the resolution list each year! Why is it that we battle so much with this one? Partly because life is unpredictable and while you think you’re busy saving for an exotic holiday on a tropical island, someone drives into the back of your car and there go all your hard earned savings to repair or replace your mode of transport!

So, in short, life happens and ruins all your fine budgeting. But there is something you can do. You can make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises by being properly insured, knowing what you’re covered for and what the excess will be. That’s what our app’s all about. Transparency. Clarity. Concise and comprehensive cover.

4. Simplify your life
Doesn’t that sound great? Simplicity. Just cutting back on all the chaos, clutter and cacophony clamouring for our attention. So what if, instead of dealing with different insurers and service providers, you only have to deal with one entity who has your best interest at heart?

What if someone could sift through the available options and make recommendations best suited to your needs? That’s what a good middleman, in this case, app, does when it fulfils the role of Concierge as Marina Krakovsky explains in her book The Middleman Economy (click here to see our blog about this book).

Our customised algorithm makes these recommendations based on your financial needs and we explain everything in simple, everyday language. Now you just have to tackle that drawer in the study that’s developed a life of its own! 

5. Try out new things
And for our fifth and final resolution… well, what do you know? Ctrl comes to the rescue once again! We’re offering a brand new way of doing your short-term insurance. A first for South Africa but in step with worldwide trends in the insurance industry as services become more and more client-centric. Consumers want convenience – to do business on their terms. And they are insisting on having a choice between different insurers and service providers and that’s exactly what we offer.

So, make this the year you really keep some resolutions and do the things that really matter. Give Ctrl a try, it’s your year – let’s make it count.

We’re on Google Play and App Stores. Still testing on Early Registered Members, but ready for public launch soon.