The digital Advisor – Breathing life into intermediation

May 24th, 2018|Categories: In the Press|

Google, Airbnb, Uber, Alibaba. What do these companies have in common? They are all middlemen. In the 90’s, when Bill Gates famously predicted that the internet would become the ultimate go-between and would technically mean the death of the middleman, no one could have anticipated the rise of this new, powerful kind of middleman. These global platform businesses connect consumers with services and play an integral part in billions of peoples lives today.

Yet, despite this, many people still think that digital equals disintermediation, and fail to recognise the power that the internet  can actually give to the middleman.

What we as Ctrl say is that this conventional wisdom of “cut out the middleman” is more conventional than wise. In fact, we’re saying it’s just plain wrong. Just because a lot of money was spent on marketing the idea, doesn’t make it valid.

We believe that the insurance industry has all the traits that makes it ideal for digital distribution and it remains one in which advice is indispensible precisely because clients increasingly insist on having more choice.

So, we’re championing a new kind of middleman. A digital middleman or as we like to refer to it: a digital ADVISOR. We are building an app that will fulfill this role and we are focusing on INDEPENDENT advice communicated to you in a CONVENIENT manner on your terms through mobile messaging and chat.

Everything will be done through the app. Getting and accepting quotes, amending cover, claiming, assistance. (www.takectrl.co.za)

Pieter Erasmus & Pieter Venter of Ctrl, will be presenting at COVER’s #Insurtech conference 6-7 June at the Wanderers club, Illovo, Johannesburg. His presentation is titled “ Brave new world – Breathing life into intermediation” and is not to be missed. For more on the conference or to register click here.